Guitar Tricks Review 2018

There are hundreds of web sites out there on the online market for learning to play the guitar. As you probably already know, Guitar Tricks is the leading one, and there’s a good reason for it. Guitar Tricks is not really only about tips and tricks for playing, it actually has a lot to offer. So, Guitar Tricks is very popular among the guitar lovers, but of course it has its flaws. Therefore, here’s a review for 2017, the good and the bad:

Best Guitar Tricks Review 2017

Great System for Learning

Guitar Tricks has very well developed learning system. This is what is great about this site: it offers easy-to-understand scheme for learning. It will lead you step by step through all fundamentals necessary for playing, and it’s very neatly organized. Even if you’ve never touched a guitar before, this Core Learning System will quickly equip you with the basic knowledge using step by step method.

The Learning Can Be Fun

You can learn anything on Guitar Tricks, and you can have some fun while doing it. Namely, when you cover the lesson you wanted to hear, the course gives you a song for practicing what you’ve learned. Now, we’re talking here about the songs that actually sound nice, not just meaningless songs. Other courses have this option too, but the songs are usually not interesting. So you can learn and have a great time!


Guitar Tricks offers a free trial, which is amazing, because you get 14 days to use the site for free! You get the full access to the courses, without having to pay for it. Basically, this means you can see what they have to offer, and if you find it’s not working for you – then you can cancel. It’s painless, and it’s free! Plus, if you sign up, and you don’t want to use Guitar Tricks anymore (for whatever reason), then you’ll get your money back. They have ’60-Day Money Back Guarantee’, and they really stick to it.

The Results

If you opt for Guitar Tricks, you’ll notice they’ve got it all covered: from how to hold a guitar, to tips for a better solo. The instructors explain everything thoroughly, you won’t get bored because they get to the point, and you’ll get to see different angles in the video guitar lessons. Videos are high-quality, you can choose a genre, a song… Following your progress is also enabled on Guitar Tricks, and you can have your own rhythm for learning.
On the other side, Guitar Tricks has some weaknesses too. Here’s what’s not so good about the site:

The Number of Songs

The number of songs for practicing and learning could be better. Currently they do have around 500 songs, but they don’t add the new ones. When you run out of songs for learning, that’s it for you, because they don’t renew their lists.

The Lack of Genres

Also, Guitar Tricks has a list of twelve basic genres. You can choose whatever you like, but if you want to experiment with flamenco style, or fingerstyle, then you have to find those lessons somewhere else. This is something Guitar Tricks could work on.

Nevertheless, Guitar Tricks is still one of the best online courses for guitar playing. They have a lot of satisfied customers, and a tradition that lasts for years. If you’re looking for effective e-learning site for learning to play a guitar, than Guitar Tricks is definitely a good choice.

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